• The difference between stainless steel guardrail and solid wood guardrail

    Stainless steel guardrail manufacturers 1. In terms of material, the raw material used for stainless steel guardrail is stainless steel sheet (individual counterfeit and shoddy manufacturers use returned sliver material), which is characterized by strong rust resistance and high safety performanc...
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  • The specific advantages of steel grating

    Steel gratings are widely used in our lives. Simply put, steel gratings are installed and used in every car wash today, and hot-dip galvanized steel gratings are used better. Effect. Such steel gratings are both hot-dip galvanized steel gratings and cold-galvanized steel gratings. The advantages ...
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  • JKL PVD coating basic process

    (1) Pre-PVD treatment, including cleaning of items and pre-treatment. Specific cleaning methods include detergent cleaning, chemical solvent cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and ion bombardment cleaning. (2) Put them into furnace, including vacuum chamber cleaning and fixtures, and the installation...
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  • Application Field For Stainless Steel Products

    Since stainless steel products have the characteristics of smooth and solid surface, not easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean, so it is widely used in building materials decoration, food processing, catering. Stainless steel products refers to the use of stainless steel material as the main raw...
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  • Matters needing attention when welding stainless steel

    1. The welding should be firm and reliable, and the solder on the outer surface of the parts should be filled in place, leaving no gaps. 2. The welding seam should be neat and uniform, and no defects such as cracks, undercuts, gaps, burn through, etc. are allowed. There should be no defects such ...
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  • Comparison of steel railings and stainless steel railings

    In our lives, the role of balcony guardrails is very important. It not only protects our safety when enjoying the scenery, but also has a very high aesthetic appearance. For different types of balcony guardrails, people also have different choices when buying. For example, stainless steel balcony...
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  • Standard Specification and Function of Bridge Guardrail

    Bridge guardrail refers to the guardrail installed on the bridge. Its purpose is to prevent out-of-control vehicles from getting out of the bridge, and to prevent vehicles from breaking through, under-crossing, overpassing the bridge, and beautifying the bridge building. There are many ways to cl...
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  • Advantages of pvc fence over ordinary fence

    1. The connection of PVC guardrails is different from other ordinary guardrails. Although most materials of ordinary guardrails are not rusty, they are still easy to rust due to the metal screw connection. This is its dead spot; some non-PVC guardrails The use of metal-free (chemical) tenon joint...
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  • Stainless steel Cleaning Instruction

    Clean Stainless Steel With Warm Water 01 Wipe Surfaces With a Microfiber Cloth Moistened With Warm Water Warm water and a cloth will be sufficient for most routine cleaning. This is the least risky option for stainless steel, and plain water really is your best cleaning option in most situations....
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  • The academic exchange between Jiankelong and Gangyuan Decoration at the headquarters of Jangho Group

    The academic exchange between Jiankelong and Gangyuan Decoration at the headquarters of Jangho Group

    September 11, 2020. Gangyuan Decoration (a subsidiary of Jangho Group) invited our company to Guangzhou Jangho Group for an academic exchange on stainless steel. The main content was the basic knowledge of stainless steel, related cases descriptions, and issues that should be paid attention to wh...
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  • The Stainless Steel World Conference& Expo in Masstricht, the Netherland

    The Stainless Steel World Conference& Expo in Masstricht, the Netherland

    We had successfully entered Stainless Steel World Conference& Expo in Masstrict, the Netherland from 26th-28th November 2019. And our products have been praised a lot by Participants from all over the world.
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  • The 119th Canton Fair of JKL Hardware

    The 119th Canton Fair of JKL Hardware

    After 60 years’ reform and innovative development, the Canton Fair has withstood various challenges and never been interrupted. The Canton Fair enhances trade connection between China and the world, demonstrating China’s image and achievements of development. It is the best platform for Chinese e...
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