Quality Insurance

Quality Approach

1. The company's quality policy is formulated and approved by the whole team in the quality manual.

2. With publicity cards, wall newspapers, revelation boards, education and training to ensure that all levels of staff understand the quality policy and implement it.

3. The applicability and implementation of the quality policy shall be evaluated and reviewed in the management review.

4. The company's quality policy is a commitment to the quality requirements of clients, and it is the goal of every employee. It

encourages employees at all levels of the company to make unremitting efforts to improve product quality and provide

the best products and services to meet clients’ needs.

5. The company's quality policy:

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Attentive, careful and patient

Clients-oriented, winning by high quality, full participation, excellence

The quality first, the highest quality is the production tenet of all our staff, and it is the life of the company. Always put quality and safety first, and constantly seek opportunities for improvement. Every customer has full confidence and satisfaction with us. Giving clients the greatest support is the purpose of all our staff.